Sage Math

Welcome! This tutorial will demonstrate some of the features of the open source Sage Mathematics software package. Demonstrations will take place directly within the webpage, powered by a Sage Cell Server installed on the server that hosts this site.

Here is a a Sage Cell. You may enter anything you would like here, and assuming it's valid Sage code (Python), it will be evaluated when you press 'Go!'.

Experiment! You can't mess it up - at the very worst, you will receive an error message.

Links to the tutorial pages:

  1. Simple Calculus
  2. Nonlinear Systems
  3. Finite Difference Methods
  4. Chemical Systems
  5. Cells and Bioreactor Dynamics
  6. Monte Carlo Methods
  7. Data Fitting
  8. Graph Theory
  9. Plotting
  10. Linked Cells
  11. Stochastics
  12. Fourier Series (interactive!)
  13. Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution
  14. Planck's Law (Blackbody Radiation)
  15. Advanced Demos